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Genview Diagnosis Inc. is a CLIA-Certified Lab providing COVID-19 PCR Molecular Testing using FDA EUA-approved protocols for efficient and accurate results.

Open 7 days/week, all Holidays; 7am to 7pm, No appointment needed

Fast 4; 6; and 12 hour results Lowest Price; $100 for 12 hour PCR test.

Customer service by Phone;(7am to 7pm) text (24/7)

RT PCR tests accepted by all airlines, worldwide. $0 cost for Medical related tests.


  • 5252 Hollister St. Houston TX 77040 7days/week, 7am to 7pm; 4; 6; 12 hour results. At Parking garage. No appointment needed
  • 10400 S Post Oak RD. Houston TX 77035 Mon to Sunday, 9am to 5pm 16 hour results. At Parking lot. No appointment needed
  • New location coming soon!!!
  • Price: $100 for 12 hour and 16 hour; $180 for 6 hour; $280 for 4 hour results
  • $0 cost for medical related tests.
  • Medical related Tests: Insured: ID and insurance cards. Uninsured: ID and Social Security Card.
  • Test Reports: Will be sent by email, or online downloading.
  • Phone: 281 824 1800 call or text, 281 513 7010 call or text.