Testing is provided at $0 cost to insured patients.Need: Insurance Card and ID

Government testing programs available to uninsured patients. Eligible: (need have one or more following conditions to eligible) I am experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Someone in my Home, office, school has symptoms I have been in close proximity with other people; such as in public place(super markets, gas stations, restaurants, school, etc.)

Available Tests:

24 Hour COVID 19 PCR Test

15 Minute COVID RAPID Antigen Test

COVID 19 Antibody (anti-S-Protein IgG) Test

Covid-19 tests
Uninsured program
2 Hour COVID PCR Test: $200
5 Hour COVID PCR Test: $150
10 Hour COVID PCR Test: $100

COVID RAPID Antigen Test: $75

Genview Diagnosis

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